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How Long Does Customs Clearance Take In Nigeria

If its used phones and they are many above 6 lbs, we will charge it per lbs, but if its less than 6 lbs, we charge you $50 + 7.5 government vat. Processing by the nigeria customs service.

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We also handle customs clearance, in and outside of nigeria and cargo delivery from istanbul to lagos, nigeria.


How long does customs clearance take in nigeria. Nigeria customs service example finally, the age of the car also determines the clearance cost to a great extent. Next time use mimi logistics. Our services are comprehensive, depending on the level of involvement you desire.

8:07pm on oct 17, 2011. Call our operational manager today at +2349075526276. For instance, cars produced before 2016 attracts internal duty of 35%, while newer cars have duty rate of 35% and 35% levy, making a total of 70% overall.

This process does not take long. A total of 181,404 vehicles were shipped to nigerian ports in 2017 according to the national bureau of statistics. The nigeria customs have a fixed dollar value for all cars and other imports coming to nigeria.

How long does it take to ship from turkey to nigeria. The length of time taken depends on the type of product we are handling.customs recognize that some product require further documentation checks and in some cases actual physical examination to ensure that declaration are correct , on average airport services takes 12 hour but mostly commonly only few hours. While they fix this value, the exchange rate affects the cost of clearing cars in nigeria.

This figure is expected to increase this year and the vehicles have to be cleared through nigeria customs in order to get to the door steps of their owners or the car lots of the car […] No, they don't immediately open your package without any reason. They will only instantly check what's inside of your package if:

#cost of clearing cars in nigeria in 2021. For more information about customs duty, see the article: We can deliver shipments of any size from the manufacturer in turkey to nigeria.

However if it’s something unconventional t. There is an article on how to calculate the duty to be paid using the exchange rate and other values to get the total cost of clearing cars in nigeria. It really depends on the item.

Total cost of clearing a vehicle in nigeria by femmy2010 ( m ): I am relocating back home. Contact us from the beginning and spare yourself of much headache later.

This means that 99% of cars we use in the country are all made abroad and imported into the country. We provide a complete portfolio of services to individuals and organizations of all sizes requiring end to end. They will be in a container with my furniture, bed, dining set, electronics and other house hold items.

We charge brand new phone per phone. Taxes and customs duties payment evidence will be requested. The nigeria customs command where the customs duty was paid.

As we all know, nigeria still does not manufacture cars (except for a few cases where we hear of cars being assembled in nigeria) and then there’s innoson who cannot satisfy nigerian’s thirst for cars. Aramex customs clearance teams are the experts when it comes to clearance process.we take the complexity out of the customer process to ensure the clearance of goods through customs authorities, and other departments, whether your shipment at sea and air ports or directly from your warehouse and delivers it to your door. Your package has been damag.

The time for customs clearance can vary from one to a few days. The cost of handling is done at n52 naira per kilogram of shipment including vat. While you are providing this information, the nigeria customs officer at the other end of the call is already entering the information you are providing into their system to help you verify if they have it in their database.

If it is something conventional that custom officers come across on a regular basis or something they can understand easily then it would take around 2 to 4 days on average. One guy told me it would cost me 2.4 million naira to clear all items. $50 per phone + 7.5% vat.

Between 3 days to 10 days ocean/sea freight: Saro transcontinental was founded in late 1998, being an organization originally founded as an extension of a trucking company, saro transcontinental metamorphosized over the years offering total shipping and logistics solutions. In the event of the contrary, this step must be taken before clearance takes place.

Air freight transit time to nigeria: While delivery process is going on with the nigeria customs service, you must have initiated the process of paying rent to the cargo handling company (i.e. You can check our website whenever you want to ship from us, turkey or china.

Customs duty is a tariff or tax imposed on goods when transported across international borders. Report smugglers or any suspicious activity to us:

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