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The person in the store said that past guidance would have me drain and refill the pool that that they now recommend boosting alkalinity (my ta was at 42, so it was low anyway. Therefore, it is good to deal with combined chlorine while it is still small.

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For example, trichlor has a low ph of 2.8, so given how acidic trichlor is, a trichlor pool needs higher alkalinity.


Free chlorine low alkalinity high. If the values are different, you will need to shock your pool to achieve the right levels. If the total chlorine level is higher than the free chlorine level, the difference of the two is the combined chlorine level. If the water's free chlorine level is too low and its combined chlorine level is too high, your pool isn't as clean as it should be.

If your alkalinity level is lower, and especially if less than 80 ppm, then you need to raise the pool water alkalinity. The low ph is what will let you burn off the ta. The correct amount of alkalinity (total alkalinity) to have in your swimming pool is between 80 and 120 parts per million, depending on the type of chlorine being used.

I have a 18 foot round pool and i seem to be having chlorine demand i test the water and i get no chlorine reading i took a sample to a local pool store and they said my total chlorine was at around a 3 and my free was at 0 my ph and alkalinity reading are fine my cya is a little high at 80 but it read that last year and didn’t have this problem i added powder chlorine and then tried liquid. High ta low ph and no free clorine reading. It can also be caused by using too many chlorine tablets that have a very low ph level.

To fix the problem, the goal is to reach a point called breakpoint this level, there is enough free chlorine in the water to neutralize all the chloramines in the water. Postby chem geek » thu 11 jun, 2009 00:07. I was thinking that my core problem was a high chlorine ppm, but while it was higher than i would like, the thing that jumped out the most was my cya @ 126 ppm.

What do chlorine and ph mean to each other? In the short term, you want the low ph. You should be able to tell if you are high, low, or within the ideal chlorine range.

You can use borax immediately to bring the ph. If need be, add pool solutions total alkalinity increase to further increase the total alkalinity.: You can just keep adding chlorine until it holds or you can do a bucket test with pool.

Total alkalinity 99 (low) ph 7.2 (good) free chlorine 8.6 (very high) total chlorine 9.1 (very high) calcium hardness 245 (slightly high) cya 20 (slightly low) phosphates 0.1 (good) salt ?(high) orp = 450 i increased cya and alkalinity per shop recommendations, but it had little effect on orp. As a rule, you will need to raise free chlorine to 10 times your combined chlorine to hit what is known as “break point.” therefore, it is good to deal with combined chlorine while it is still small. Likewise, does high chlorine cause low alkalinity?

Low total alkalinity below 60 ppm: Add sea klear ph increaser to your water to raise both ph and total alkalinity. When alkalinity is in range, ph tends to stay in range.

In other words, anything acidic. When too much chlorine is added to the water, a safe pool can become a pit of harmful chemicals. One of the byproducts of using liquid bleach (sodium hypochlorite) is sodium hydroxide, which contributes to total alkalinity and raises ph.

Probably ok in the short term for gunite or concrete pools, but bad for vinyl lined (keep them 7.2+). Increase this with alkalinity rise. If you measure ammonia or combined chlorine (cc) in the pool or if the cya dropped over the winter, then it's possible your pool will have a very large chlorine demand.

Free chlorine should always be at 3ppm to avoid algae and cloudy water. What to do if alkalinity is low in pool? Although chlorine is neccessary it’s also dangerous.

Purchase baking soda in bulk (available in pouches up to 15 lbs.). Once you get that to a level you like, then you can add borates. Why is my total chlorine high but free chlorine low?

If it is low, you will use a chlorinated shock. In order for your pool to be properly sanitized, the free chlorine level must remain higher than the combined chlorine level. If it is low, you will use a chlorinated shock.

As a rule, you will need to raise free chlorine to 10 times your combined chlorine to hit what is known as “break point.”. Common causes of low alkalinity are things like rain or body fluids. If free is the same as total, then you are in range.

Add pool solutions total alkalinity increase to your spa or pool to increase the total. If the strips you are using also test free chlorine, be sure to check both free and total colors. If alkalinity is low the ph of the pool water will bounce up and down the ph of the water will not be consistent.

Low alkalinity is a more common problem than high alkalinity, but either problem can cause an imbalance in your pool’s chemistry. 6.9 is a bit low anyways.

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