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Custom Headphone Cables Reddit

If you’re after decent audio cables or wire that won’t break the bank, here are a few suggestions: My email enquiry to surf cables was answered the same day with my custom cables being shipped the next day.

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Copper, hybrid silver/copper, and pure silver.


Custom headphone cables reddit. Cable is 12 string utp cat 6 copper, hand knitted by me. Ursine audio is another one. Happy to offer a dual hd800 cable on our site finally.

(all different terminations are available on request, from a variety of manufacturers) scorpion 24awg (occ stranded copper/cryo) headphone cables starting at £75 6ft and £85 8ft. My first diy 4.4mm to 2×3.5mm ballanced headphone cable i made for my friend who treated himself with beyedynamic amiron home and fiio q5s. It could be more supple, but there are stock cables which are worse.

We have two styles available for our headphone cables. My first diy 4.4mm to 2×3.5mm balanced headphone cable. Every cable comes with a microfiber cloth, genuine leather cable band, and warranty card.

Better materials mean better performance and longer life. Headphone cable list/prices all headphone cables, come as standard with a 1/4 6.3mm viablue plug, 18awg cables come as standard with 1/4 6.3mm furutech plug. Just the regular copper cables though, litz braided, teflon dielectric, 24 awg, finished with neutrik connectors, flexible and lightweight.

If you’re an audiophile well versed in custom cables, then this probably doesn’t surprise you in the slightest. I like dyson audio cables a lot. I’d been trying for ages to find cables to connect my cypher labs duet balanced amp to a ak sp1000 dap at one end and a pair of focal utopia headphones (with bespoke 2.5mm balanced cable) at the other end.

Compatible with the hd800 / hd8xx / hd800s / hd820 / campfire audio cascade / dharma etc. His prices seem pretty good too. With over 40 years of experience and creative problem solving, performance audio has the expertise and knowledge to build the custom cables you need.

Heaven's closed, hell's sold out, so i walk on earth. Still have to charge more than i'd like to for these cables, but we'll get there! This guide was originally posted on reddit.

Our goal is to make purchasing aftermarket headphone cables straightforward, fast and affordable by offering a line of interconnects designed to make your headphone cable as versatile as it can be. These companies all share one thing in common: To learn more on developed components, visit our about page.

Doesn’t get much better than that. Now available online in a growing selection of custom cable build options, you can get your hand made custom built cables quicker and easier than ever! Performance audio custom cable shop.

Custom made cables were around 200€. The only reason to get a custom cable is to have a specific length, termination, or just for style. In this tutorial, i will be building a mini xlr to 3.5mm cable for the k7xx, but the practices used for this will apply for just about any connector you can think of.

The materials used in premium headphones and audio cables are irrefutably better quality than the materials used in oem cables. We have replacement and upgrade headphone cables available for most of our headphones that feature detachable cables including audeze, hifiman, meze, sennheiser. If your p5 series 2 takes standard 3.5mm headphone cables, you may.

Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned professional, we're glad you joined us. I had a good laugh at a similar reddit thread a few years ago where someone. Unfortunately balanced cable was not included so i stepped in.

High end audio equipment and accessories ramp up quickly in price as you get past the 80% point and into. Just measured the signal to ground capacitance on it and it was half that of stock hd650 cable. Our reviews and product guides are designed to inform our community and share our passion for audio technology.

Our standard 4.5 ft full len We develop and use components using the highest quality metals and materials for all our custom cables to provide the best performance and build quality possible. Мoon audio strives to provide the most relevant collection of curated audiophile products for our customers.

This is going to serve as a general purpose guide on how to build your own audio cables, and more specifically here for headphones. Welcome to hart audio cables. This can translate to a number of improvements including better shielding, lower noise.

There is no sonic difference between cables, assuming they aren't broken.

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